John Petrucci’s Guitar solo


John Petrucci is a Guitarist who was born in the year 1967. John is also a producer and a composer of music and is a member of the band named Dream Theater.  John Petrucci named as the “Top 10 greatest shredders of all time”. John was born to an Italian family who had settled in New York, America.

John Petrucci

John started playing his guitar when he was around eight years of age.  He also wanted to stay by late because his older sister was allowed to sit up late and practice the piano. John Later could not cope up with the sleep patterns and later started to play again at the age of 12. Every since he knew that playing guitar was his passion and it is what he wanted to do with this life, he started to practice on his guitar for almost 6 hours a day. He began putting in his dedication and hard work at a very young age itself.

John influenced by bands like Black Sabbath which was one of the oldest metal bands in the world, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Metallic etc.  He later formed a band which consists of his child hood friends and his college friend. The band Dream Theater is a band of friends who knew each other from child hood.

In the G3 guitar tour, John was invited by modern guitar shredders like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, which gave him a good advertisement and he became famous instantaneously.

Petrucci has a different style of playing his guitar which he claims people should have proper coordination between both the hands to get that style and tone of his. His alternate picking of the strings is extremely fast and incredible to hear.

Some of his best albums are:

  • “When dreams and day unite.”
  • Awake.
  • “Falling to infinity.”
  • Six degrees of inner turbulence.
  • Metropolis Pt 2:  Scenes from memory.
  • Systematic Chaos.
  • The Astonishing.

Some of his top solos are:

  • Glasgow kiss:  Glasgow kiss is an epic piece and plays with continuous change in the scales.
  • The Best of Times:  This music dedicated to Mike’s father; he plays this part so passionately like it is his father. He perfectly blends it with guitar tones and emotions of the heart.
  • Breaking All Illusions:  This solo is also an emotional piece, and John plays it brilliantly.
  • Lost Not Forgotten:  This is a track in Dream Theater’s eleventh album. Its music is relatively dark.
  • A stream of consciousness:  This song appears in the album Train of Thought which got released in the year 2003.  The song has a progressive metal genre.
  • Enigma Machine: The song is about the enigma machine which was created to cipher the messages of the Nazis.
  • Damage Control: This piece is yet another amazing solo which was played by John.
  • Constant motion: Constant motion is a track in the album systematic chaos which got released in the year 2007.